What Our Students Are Saying

"The information was timely and relevant to my career and is a good refresher even for experienced leaders."
Rachel Ivory
LEAD2000 - Meeting the Leadership Challenge
"The course bridged the gap between my academic studies and the real-world. It taught me how to take the skills I learned during my studies and apply them to real-world situations."
Philip Swift
DSCI2000 - Becoming Data Driven: Data Science Fundamentals
"It's been excellent, I have been consistently impressed with the professors, with the amount of feedback from assignments, the information presented in classes and their input with their knowledge."
Kari Mayer
COUN 6722 – Theories of Counseling
"The courses were incredibly well laid out and I was able to utilize the skills from this course directly into the community."
Tyra Wright
COUN6722 - Theories of Counseling
"I definitely would come back for another course."
Maggie Lavey
COUN 8115 - Advanced Counseling Theories
"Universities allowing for enrollment in single graduate-level courses are sparse, and many are a full semester length. However, Walden offered it with a shorter course term. [...] The eight-week condensed model was much easier to manage for a full-time classroom educator like myself."
Anne Ervin
EDUC6775J - New and Emerging Technologies