Managing a High-Performing and Inclusive Team

NURS2100 - Managing a High-Performing and Inclusive Team

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Managing a High Performing Team

Are you an aspiring manager or team leader looking to build a more successful team? In the Managing a High Performing Team learning path, discover tools to help develop individuals and manage collaboration to inspire your team to perform at its highest level.


Are you an aspiring manager or team leader looking to build a more successful team? Contemporary business environments are increasingly competitive, global, fast paced, and knowledge intensive. In these environments, effective use of human capital is vital to an enterprise’s success and survival. In this learning path, you will discover practical issues related to developing individuals and managing collaboration and will examine the skills and strategies necessary to address them effectively. You will explore implications of managing a high-performing team including issues that arise from cross-cultural differences and virtual work settings. The importance of communication as a tool to manage internal and external relationships is emphasized as it relates to the effectiveness of managing people to achieve organizational goals.

Accreditation Statement

Walden University College of Nursing is accredited as a provider of nursing continuing professional development through the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation. Provider Unit P0469.

Criteria for Obtaining Contact Hours

This nursing continuing professional development course consists of seven micro-courses with content that includes overviews and descriptions, engagement activities, resources, and seven assessments. Please note ePortfolio activities are optional material. Within 180 days of the course purchase date, follow these steps to claim nursing contact hours:

  1. Complete all content in each micro-course,
  2. Achieve 80% or higher for each assessment,
  3. Complete the end of course evaluation, and
  4. Download and print or save your contact hour certificate.

Disclosure Statement

The planners and authors of this nursing continuing professional development activity disclose no relevant financial relationships.

While professional development activities offered by an American Nurses Credentialing Center Provider Unit typically satisfy the requirements of most states, Walden University recommends that participants ensure that the content offered meets their individual requirements. To the extent that contact hours must be approved within one’s state of residence or licensure, participants should check with their state board of nursing before enrolling in any professional development activity. The state board of nursing determines the number and type of contact hours that can be claimed for professional development activities.

What You Will Learn

In this course, you will:

  • Evaluate the role of managers in creating and maintaining a positive, ethical organizational culture.
  • Assess the role of managers in creating positivity in the workplace and in supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.
  • Explore how managers improve employee motivation and employee engagement.
  • Discover managerial strategies to build and manage effective teams and to ensure effective performance feedback and communication.


  • Must be 18 Years or older

Refund Policy

You will have seven days to request a full refund after purchase. No hidden fees. All books and materials are included with purchase.


  • Micro-Course 1 - Understanding Organizational Culture

    What does organizational culture mean to you? Has it influenced your choice in the organizations you've worked for? In this micro-course, learners explore the components of organizational culture and examine its significance. They also evaluate managerial actions steps required to change an organization's culture.

  • Micro-Course 2 - Building a Positive Work Environment

    Do you believe that a negative colleague or social undermining can spoil the whole team's morale? In this micro-course, learners explore the effects and benefits of a positive work environment and evaluate factors that can contribute or take away from shaping a positive work environment. Next, you will evaluate managerial actions steps to increase positivity in organizational culture.

  • Micro-Course 3 - The Role of Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

    Consider the terms diversity and inclusion. What do they mean to you? Do you consider them interchangeable? In this micro-course, learners explore the significance of diversity and inclusion to effective workplace culture. They examine how these values benefit employees, teams, and organizations and bring about broader societal changes.

  • Micro-Course 4 - Employee Engagement and Motivation

    Have you considered what motivates you as an employee or makes you more engaged at work? In this micro-course, learners will explore the factors affecting employee motivation and engagement and those that motivate and demotivate employees. Next, they will explore managerial action steps to increase employee motivation and engagement.

  • Micro-Course 5 - Developing Teams

    Have you been a member of a workgroup or a team or both? Consider the factors that distinguished them and also made them effective. In this micro-course, learners will explore the characteristics distinguishing workgroups and teams and analyze managerial practices promoting effective, positive, and inclusive teams. Next, they will analyze the effectiveness of team charters and managerial strategies that promote team development.

  • Micro-Course 6 - Communicating for Growth: Your Role as a Coach

    Have you ever worked with someone who acted as a coach to you? What was the impact? In this micro-course, learners will explore the manager's role in performance coaching and assess managerial strategies for ensuring effective performance, feedback, and communication. Next, they will examine actions to improve managing and coaching abilities.


Practical Training

Practical Training

You will be able to demonstrate your learning with tangible leadership skills applicable to your daily environment.

Flexible Learning

Flexible Learning

Content provided in easily consumable segments so you can adapt your studies around your busy life.


Interactive Classroom

Learn managerial practices and team-building strategies through engaging content and immersive assessments.

Flexible Learning

Scenario-Based Learning

You will evaluate the environment in which businesses operate and develop well-reasoned, appropriate decisions within a business context.


Certificate of Completion

Certificate of Completion

How To Enroll?
  • feature icon Professional Development
  • feature icon All Level
  • feature icon 25 Nursing Contact Hours
  • feature icon Estimated 25-Hour Workload
  • feature icon Self-Paced
  • feature icon Accessible for 180 days

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