5 Benefits of Taking Individual Courses

Whether you want to work toward a future degree or just experience the joy of learning something new, taking individual courses online can help you achieve your goals.

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Earning a college degree is an admirable accomplishment, but it takes time, money, and focus to graduate with a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree. If you want to learn and acquire more skills, but you don’t want to pursue a degree at this time, individual courses could be the right choice for you. Walden University’s School of Lifelong Learning gives you the opportunity to refresh your skills or pursue new opportunities by taking individual courses online. Here are five benefits to taking individual courses.

  1. Take courses now for a degree later.
    Maybe you don’t have the time or funds to pursue a degree right now. That’s OK, because you can take individual, credit-bearing courses on your own timeline and apply them to a degree in the future. Walden’s credit-bearing online classes are single courses from the university’s degree-program catalog that may be able to be applied toward an online degree from Walden.
  2. Complete professional development courses to upgrade your skills.
    In our ever-changing world, it’s always a great idea to learn new skills. Walden’s professional development courses are non-degree, non-credit online courses that can help you increase your marketability or position you for a promotion in your chosen field.
  3. Get the academic training needed to renew or acquire a license or credential.
    Some of Walden’s School of Lifelong Learning’s online courses may satisfy the requirements to renew or earn a certification, license, or credential. Even courses that don’t provide academic credit may offer continuing education units (CEUs). Just be sure to consult with the appropriate licensing organization or school district to ensure the requirements before you register for online classes for this purpose.
  4. Earn a Certificate of Completion or Professional Certificate.
    If you complete online professional development courses through Walden’s School of Lifelong Learning, you could earn a Certificate of Completion or a Professional Certificate. You can list your certificate on your résumé, which could help you stand out among other candidates for a position or a promotion.
  5. Just enjoy learning something new.
    Maybe you want to learn about nutrition to design your own healthy diet. Perhaps you want to master leadership skills to better manage your small business. Maybe you’ve always been curious about human behavior and you think it would be fascinating to take a psychology class online. Individual online classes can help you learn something new, develop a useful skill, or delve into a subject in which you’re interested. You can learn something new just for the pure enjoyment of expanding your knowledge!

Whether or not you want to earn a degree, you can gain knowledge and skills throughout your life by taking individual classes online through Walden’s School of Lifelong Learning.

Note on transfer of credit: Consult with the institution to which you intend to transfer the credits you earn to determine specific transfer requirements before registering for a Walden course. Walden does not guarantee that its credits will transfer to any particular institution.

Note on licensure and certification: Learners are responsible for consulting with the appropriate licensing, credentialing, or certifying authority; local school district; employer; or other organization to determine whether a course will be accepted by that organization. Walden does not guarantee acceptance by any third party for any specific purpose. Walden Professional Certificates are not designed to be licensure-leading, and courses may not count toward state or local educational requirements for continuing education, certification, employment, licensure, or other credential or authority to practice.

Note on Professional Certificates: Individuals enrolled in learning opportunities to obtain a Walden Professional Certificate will be enrolled as non-matriculating Walden School of Lifelong Learning students. Walden School of Lifelong Learning students may not be granted full access to all university services and resources. In the event that an individual chooses to enroll in a Walden University degree program, the university will review any prior learning completed by the student, including the Professional Certificate and the record of a successful completion of a learning assessment, and Walden University may award credit toward a Walden degree program.

Walden University is an accredited institution offering online courses for credit, professional development courses, and tailored employer training programs through its School of Lifelong Learning. Degree seekers may wish to explore Walden’s suite of online degree programs, offered at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral level. Learn new skills in a convenient, flexible format that fits your busy life.

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