AMPlify your Professional Writing

WMCP2002 - AMPlify your Professional Writing

Micro-Course | No Credit or CE | Estimated 1-Hour Workload

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  • feature icon No Credit or CE
  • feature icon Estimated 1-Hour Workload
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If you do any sort of writing in your professional context, you've come to the right place. While writing in the workplace often looks different based on your job position and workplace culture, in this micro-course we'll train you to identify, consider, and make decisions based on the three key aspects of professional writing: Audience, Medium, and Purpose. Your awareness and mastery of these key aspects of professional writing will empower you to navigate any workplace writing situation.

What You Will Learn

Upon successful completion of this micro-course, you will be able to:

  • Define the key characteristics of effective professional written communication
  • Identify the Audience, Medium, and Purpose of professional written communication
  • Choose the appropriate Audience, Medium, and Purpose in different professional contexts.
  • Advance writing skills across various professional contexts


  • Must be 18 or older

Refund Policy

You will have 24 hours, or until you receive your completion certificate, to request a full refund after purchase, whichever comes first. No hidden fees. All books and materials are included with purchase.

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  • What is Professional Writing?

    Identify the key characteristics of effective professional writing, specifically, the four common types of writing in the workplace: correspondence writing, policy or procedural writing, job-seeking writing, and strategy writing.

  • Introduction to AMPlifying Your Professional Writing

    AMPlify your own professional writing by considering the unique audience, medium, and purpose of each of your professional writing contexts. Discover and practice asking yourself key questions that will ensure you meet professional writing context expectations.

  • Identify Audience, Medium, and Purpose

    Through hands-on exercises, you will practice in determining audience, medium, and purpose in a range of correspondence, policy and procedure, job-seeking, and strategy documents. This practice will help you quickly identify effective professional writing and prepare you to integrate key audience, medium, and purpose considerations in your own writing.

  • Integrating Audience, Medium, and Purpose in the Professional Writing Process

    Explore how to incorporate considerations of audience, medium, and purpose into a successful prewriting, drafting, revision, and proofreading process. Using these tools to build a sound writing process, ensure your professional writing always meets college-level writing standards, addresses reader expectations, and reflects well on you and your employer.


Practical Skills

Practical Skills

Build a professional writing process that you can use apply in any workplace context.

Action Plan

Action Plan

Printable checklists to take with you and apply to future professional writing.

Flexible Learning

Flexible Learning

Easily consumable segments to adapt around your busy life


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  • feature icon Professional Development
  • feature icon All Level
  • feature icon No Credit or CE
  • feature icon Estimated 1-Hour Workload
  • feature icon Self-Paced
  • feature icon Accessible for 180 days

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Who is this for

  • Individuals who are joining or returning to the workforce
  • Working professionals who want to develop or improve professional writing skills