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The School of Lifelong Learning was created to support the needs and goals of working adults and provide lifelong learners with unique opportunities to grow and succeed through flexible non-degree course offerings. We strive to create educational solutions that can help meet personal goals and serve the continuing education needs of working professionals.

For-Credit Courses

  • Over 250 Courses

    Choose for-credit individual courses from our degree programs.

  • Credits for Degree Programs

    Credits may be able to be transferred to a Walden degree program. It’s a great way to try out courses in a degree program.*

  • Meet Licensure Requirements

    Some of our courses may meet licensure requirements.†

  • Faculty Led

    Participate in an engaging classroom environment supported by faculty members.

Professional Development

  • Career-Oriented

    Non-credit professional development courses help you to upskill and reskill.

  • Flexible Online Learning

    100% online self-paced learning enables you to advance your knowledge and skills while balancing work and family commitments.

  • Continuing Education

    Some courses issue continuing education units upon successful completion.†

  • Employer Training and Development

    Tailored training for corporations is available.

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Why Walden?



Quality matters—especially when it comes to your education. Walden is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and committed to maintaining the highest standards of excellence.



If you’re looking to explore avenues for career growth, our offerings provide you with the opportunity to advance your personal goals in new industries or areas.



Our courses are focused on meeting the educational needs of working adult learners—to help improve skills, increase knowledge, and build confidence.



Address concerns and challenges in your career with courses that deliver information and insights that can help you succeed.



Walden’s non-degree course offerings may be able to help you meet your continuing education, professional development, certification, or licensure needs.†



The credits earned in our for-credit courses may be able to be applied toward a future degree program at Walden University.*

Latest at SLL

Discover Free Resources and Webinars

New Continuing Education Offerings

Discover Free Resources and Webinars

Explore the Walden University School of Lifelong Learning’s resources and free offerings including continuing education webinars, resource articles, digital events, and more.

Walden's Micro-Courses

Featured Offering

Walden's Micro-Courses

Introducing the latest professional development micro-courses from our School of Lifelong Learning. Level up with flexible, efficient short bursts of learning to expand your skills and knowledge.

Resource Article

5 Ways to Manage Employee Burnout as a Healthcare Manager

Learn the signs of burnout and find out how to address it.

Resource Article

Turning Conflict Management in the Workplace into Positive Business Results

Learn how to manage workplace conflict and transform it into a source of innovation

Exciting Announcement!

Walden University's School of Lifelong Learning Offering Free CE for Nurses

Stay current with evidence-based practices and maintain competence in the rapidly changing healthcare environment through free offerings from Walden University.

What Our Students Are Saying

"The information was timely and relevant to my career and is a good refresher even for experienced leaders."
Rachel Ivory
LEAD2000 - Meeting the Leadership Challenge
"The course bridged the gap between my academic studies and the real-world. It taught me how to take the skills I learned during my studies and apply them to real-world situations."
Philip Swift
DSCI2000 - Becoming Data Driven: Data Science Fundamentals
"It's been excellent, I have been consistently impressed with the professors, with the amount of feedback from assignments, the information presented in classes and their input with their knowledge."
Kari Mayer
COUN 6722 – Theories of Counseling
"The courses were incredibly well laid out and I was able to utilize the skills from this course directly into the community."
Tyra Wright
COUN6722 - Theories of Counseling
"I definitely would come back for another course."
Maggie Lavey
COUN 8115 - Advanced Counseling Theories
"Universities allowing for enrollment in single graduate-level courses are sparse, and many are a full semester length. However, Walden offered it with a shorter course term. [...] The eight-week condensed model was much easier to manage for a full-time classroom educator like myself."
Anne Ervin
EDUC6775J - New and Emerging Technologies

Commonly Asked Questions

Walden University School of Lifelong Learning offers 100% online, individual courses for academic credit; skills-based professional development courses; and tailored employer training programs.

Credit-Bearing Courses are individual courses that carry academic credits. These are single courses from our degree-program catalog offered to learners who are interested in furthering their knowledge and professional development. The academic credit earned may be able to be applied toward a degree program at Walden. If you choose to apply to a Walden University degree program, the university will review any prior learning completed and may award credit towards the Walden degree program.

Professional Development offerings are non-degree, non-credit courses. They are intended for learners who want to gain general knowledge, learn a new skill, upgrade existing skills, or enrich their understanding about a wide range of topics. Professional Development offerings are NOT applicable toward a degree.

Some of our courses may satisfy requirements for earning or renewing a license, credential, or certification in a particular field. Please consult with the appropriate licensing body, agency, or school district to determine specific requirements before registering for a Walden course.

Some of our courses are credit-bearing, and academic credit may be able to be applied toward a degree program at Walden. If you choose to apply to a Walden University degree program, the university will review any prior learning completed and may award credit toward the Walden degree program. Please reference the specific course detail page for more information.

Financial aid is not available for courses offered by the Walden University School of Lifelong Learning.

Walden offers some tuition savings opportunities for Walden alumni, U.S. military families, and employees or members of partner organizations. Explore eligibility or other potential tuition savings offers.

Request For Information

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By submitting this form, I agree to receive emails, text messages, telephone calls, and prerecorded messages from or on behalf of Walden University and its affiliates as listed in the Privacy Policy regarding furthering my education. I understand that such calls, emails, and messages may be sent using automated technology. You may opt out at any time. Please view our Privacy Policy or Contact Us for more details.

* The university will review any prior learning completed and may award credit toward the Walden degree program. Please reference the specific course detail page for more information. Successful completion of the course is not a guarantee that credit will apply toward a future degree program.

Please consult with the appropriate licensing or certifying authority, local school district, or other organization to determine whether a course will satisfy applicable requirements to maintain licensure, obtain or renew certification, or establish eligibility for employment.

**This promotion provides a 15% reduction for all Professional Development offerings with a purchase and registration made before August 31, 2023. This offer cannot be used by a student or learner in combination with any other tuition-reduction benefit. The tuition reduction will not be applied to any past-due balance or outstanding bills or charges a student or learner may have with Walden University. The tuition reduction is a nontransferable, noncash offer, and in no event will the recipient receive a check or other disbursement of money pursuant to this tuition reduction. No tuition reduction will be made retroactively. All tuition reductions, grants, scholarships, and vouchers are subject to specific eligibility requirements and may be changed by Walden at any time. Contact a Walden University Enrollment Specialist for more details at 1-855-621-4892 or email [email protected].